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( November 21, 2011) Guest columnist Stephen Hassett explains how to maximize the value of your company long before you are ready to sell.

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Advertisers are not seeking impressions as much as the opportunity to get a slice of audience time to communicate their message. Resolving the inefficiency of paying per impression while seeking time would provide upside to premium online publishers.    (web)  (download pdf)

Moore’s law says that computer power doubles for the same cost about every two years, implying rapidly falling cost, increased power and proliferation. If this continues, the equivalent price of a $600 iPhone would be $18.75 in 2020, $0.59 in 2030 and overall power or cost improving 1,000,000 times by 2050. How should we account for this possible scenario in our investment strategies and plan for potential impact? (web)  (download pdf)

Mobile today is like the Internet in the 90's with relatively slow connections and limited browser capability. Just like the PC Web, improvements in mobile Web will bring down today's walled gardens. (web) (download pdf)

Social media helps extend live-worthy programming beyond sports, news and weather - stemming the time-shifting tide by making live viewing a richer experience than time-shifted. (web) (download pdf)

Understanding what drives stock market values is critical to increasing returns and improved decision making. This article presents a remarkably simple model that explains S&P Index levels from 1960 to the present with considerable accuracy using only the risk-free rate, S&P 500 operating earnings, and a small number of simplifying assumptions.  The simplicity of the model enables people of all levels to understand what really drives the market and how to apply that knowledge to their business.  (download pdf from SSRN) 

Ad-supported content is not free; advertisers are paying for the expected time each viewer spends watching a commercial or looking at a print or online ad. Intrusive ads make the audience is pay with their time and enable offering a pay-model as a benefit. (web(download pdf)

Video and analysis of how LinkedIn social media presence helped source an M&A deal.  (Web)